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CIBO – Our Culinary Roots

Formerly nestled in Bologna, the gastronomic heart of Italy, CIBO (Culinary Institute of Bologna) established itself as an esteemed cooking school where Chef Stefano and his team welcomed passionate students worldwide. Conducting classes in a professional kitchen, they shared the artistry of Italian cuisine with culinary enthusiasts from diverse corners of the globe.

Today, Chef Stefano has transformed CIBO into an exclusive culinary sojourn for private parties. Italy Culinary Vacations whisks guests away from the conventional tourist scenes, where Chef Stefano orchestrates a blend of entertainment and education from his private chalet, curating personalized experiences away from the bustling city life.

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Your Stay

Enchanting Mountain Retreat

Nestled in a small village near Verghereto, Stefano’s mountain retreat, dating back to the 19th century, carries rich historical significance. Once part of a monastery, the kitchen still echoes with the essence of yesteryears, boasting a stone oven once used by nuns to bake bread for the local community.

With four bedrooms and the gentle beginnings of the Tiber River bordering the property as a brook, the retreat exudes tranquility. One of the two fireplaces remains dedicated to the culinary craft, preserving the heritage of cooking by the hearth.

During your stay, relish the exclusivity of the entire house, embraced by history and culinary creativity.