Consulting & Training

Elevating Culinary Skills

Italy Culinary Vacations proudly extends Chef Stefano’s expertise beyond private cooking courses and guided tours. With decades of culinary mastery, Chef Stefano offers unparalleled consulting and hands-on training services for restaurants, culinary establishments, and professionals in the industry.

Crafting Culinary Excellence

Chef Stefano’s consultancy spans restaurant menu consulting and recipe development. Leveraging his deep-rooted passion for authentic Italian cuisine and innovative culinary techniques, he curates menus that exude creativity, seasonality, and tantalizing flavors.

Elevating Culinary Skill Sets

Embark on a transformative culinary journey with hands-on training meticulously crafted by Chef Stefano. Whether for seasoned chefs or restaurant staff, his training programs delve into the nuances of Italian gastronomy, refining techniques, and fostering a deeper understanding of the artistry behind each dish.

Personalized Learning Experience

Chef Stefano welcomes opportunities for both in-person and online consultations and training sessions, ensuring accessibility and flexibility tailored to the needs of each establishment or professional.


Connect with Chef Stefano

Contact Chef Stefano today to explore how his consultancy and training services can elevate your culinary endeavors and propel your establishment towards culinary excellence.

Shared Memories

What a truly magical experience! We decided to open a new concept called Primo Italian Steakhouse in Middletown, O-H-I-O! We searched and found Chef Stefano.

I went there in January and spent 7 days with him at his house up in his little town. We developed a menu that is now my menu here at the restaurant. We wanted to go as authentic as possible and this was truly an eye opener.

From going to town on Monday to get the freshest cuts of pork from the butcher and his family, that were butchering 3 fresh pigs them at they had just got in. They let us observe and pick what we wanted. We also got a huge porterhouse and some really fresh bone marrow — which we used to come up with my osso bucco dish with saffron-bone marrow risotto.

Wednesday we went to the seafood market and picked up fresh Bronzino, mussels, clams, calamari, and the freshest artichokes I have ever seen. Then we came back and made meals in the kitchen and in the wood cooking hearth.

Just the drive from the town to the market was breathtaking.

Stefano was so hospitable and really made me feel comfortable in his house. As well in the community. We had an amazing time. Stefano is now a great friend and I hope to have him here sometime soon.

I will be going back for more menu development for sure in the future. You must make the bolognese sauce. I have made it before plenty of times like I knew how. But his was really really great! He showed me the proper portions of meat, proper techniques. It made it one of my absolute best sellers.

If you have a chance to do this adventure, do not hesitate!

Shawn H.

Middletown, Ohio