Meet the Chef

Stefano Corvucci

A culinary maestro.


Chef Stefano Corvucci embodies a lifelong devotion to food, art and the essence of hospitality. His journey began within the heart of a family home that fostered his deep-rooted passion for cooking. Inspired by his father’s culinary tales and Pellegrino Artusi’s revolutionary cookbook, Stefano embarked on a path that seamlessly intertwined gastronomy with history, culture, and the arts.

While initially pursuing a career in Law at the University of Bologna, Stefano’s true calling was always the culinary world. Stepping into the realm of culinary artistry, he ventured into the restaurant industry, unveiling his passion for Italian food through several successful ventures. In 2012, his dream materialized with the founding of CIBO (Culinary Institute of Bologna), a state-of-the-art school that redefined culinary education.

Culinary Ethos

Rooted in tradition yet driven by innovation, Stefano’s culinary ethos transcends the boundaries of conventional cooking. His mountain retreat, once part of a 19th-century monastery, stands as a testament to his reverence for culinary heritage. Within a small village near Verghereto, relics of the past, like the stone oven once used by the monastery’s nuns, echo the timeless essence of Italian culinary tradition.

Beyond the confines of conventional instruction, Stefano’s journey has evolved into curating personalized experiences with Italy Culinary Vacations. He is not just a chef but a storyteller, entwining cuisine with the enchantment of nature, art, music and authentic Italian culture. Amidst the Apennine mountains, he eagerly awaits to share his unbridled passion for food, nature, and art with discerning guests.

Practice Italian with Chef Stefano!

Learning to speak Italian, or already fluent? Practice or refine your lingual skills with Chef Stefano during the course of your vacation.