Italy Culinary Vacations

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly is Chef Stefano’s historic home located?

Nestled atop Mount Fumaiolo, Chef Stefano’s mountain retreat offers a serene escape on the border of Italy’s famed regions: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Montefeltro, and Umbria. This unique location ensures easy access to hidden gems off the beaten path.

Absolutely! Italy Culinary Vacation packages cover everything from accommodations and transportation to tour arrangements and mouth watering meals. Our aim is to provide you with a stress-free experience, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in Italy’s culinary delights.

Indulge in the rich flavors of Italy with our inclusive beverage offerings, including a selection of local wines to complement your culinary journey. All drinks will be included in your stay at the retreat and when dining out.

Chef Stefano himself or another member of the Italy Culinary Vacations team will meet your at the agreed-upon airport or train station upon your arrival. We will also ensure comfortable transportation to and from all daily activities, tours and excursions. When it is time to say ciao, Italy Culinary Vacations will safely deliver you to your departing destination in plenty of time to make the trip back home.

While our ideal group size is four for personalized attention and comfort, we can accommodate up to six guests. Stay tuned as we expand and are able to accommodate larger parties in a new location coming soon!

Please see the following links for guidelines to packing for your unforgettable stay with Italy Culinary Vacations:

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By booking a stay with us for a Cooking & Touring Retreat, most of the cooking instruction will be held in private locations in the cities you choose to visit or the mountain retreat. Immersive Cooking Classes are held in Chef Stefano’s 19th Century home where a full kitchen and open hearth fire provides ample space for hands-on learning.

We have detailed a sample cooking program on the Immersive Cooking classes page to which us a helpful guideline of what authentic Italian cuisine you will learn. Chef Stefano is also open to suggestions and questions! Vegetarian dishes are absolutely no problem to accommodate.

Instruction with Chef Stefano at Italy Culinary Vacations is unique because it is completely oriented around hands-on learning. While other classes are more demonstration focused, at Italy Culinary Vacations you will walk away with specific skills to bring home to your own kitchen.

Yes! At Italy Culinary Vacations you will learn to prepare different types of Italian pasta that are completely handmade without the use of machines.

Yes, Chef Stefano prides himself on sharing his stellar butchery skills with his guests. When purchasing meat, poultry or fish at local markets, they will be purchased whole so guests can learn how to prepare them with hands-on experience.

Embark on culinary adventures with Chef Stefano as you explore local markets, wineries, olive oil producers, and farms to source the freshest ingredients Italy has to offer. Plus, Chef Stefano can share resources for authentic Italian goods, even after your vacation ends.

Beyond the kitchen, Mt. Fumaiolo offers a wealth of outdoor activities, from scenic hikes to exhilarating rock climbs. Take advantage of the breathtaking scenery and let us arrange guides or equipment rentals for your exploration.

Absolutely! Chef Stefano is a professional when it comes to helping guests sharpen their culinary talents as well as linguistic skills. Enjoy hands-on practice of speaking Italian as part of your immersive culinary experience.

Still have questions?

Curious to learn more about our culinary vacations or have specific inquiries about your upcoming trip? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Schedule a personalized meeting with Chef Stefano to discuss your travel plans and get all the details you need for an unforgettable experience. Contact us now to set up a time!